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Guidelines for submitting photographs to Online Rubber Clinic

Diagnosis of the diseases is the critical first step for successful disease management. Several different diseases and/or plant health problems can cause similar symptoms. Therefore, it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis to choose the best disease control measures and to know what is affecting the crop. Images, by themselves, are one aspect of diagnosis. Sending digital images rapidly and over long distances can reduce the turn around time for diagnoses for possible earlier implementation of control. The Online rubber clinic can be used to submit digital images of pest and diseases of rubber plant along with related information and the images will be examined by the plant disease experts at RRII and the remedies will be sent to the rubber grower. It can also provide opportunities in teaching and professional improvement.

Basic rules for imaging and submitting samples:

1. For any symptoms, take a picture of the entire plant or sample using a digital field camera or good quality mobile camera. It is necessary to send a good overall picture of general symptoms. Several images should be taken from    different angles and distances or of different specimens. Select the best one for submission.

2. For symptoms on leaf take a close-up photo of the affected leaf.

3. Submit at least 4 images (entire plant and close-up) to Rubber clinic.

4. Observe the symptoms closely and describe all the symptoms you notice on the plant in the text box provided in the web page for uploading the image. Symptoms can be internal as well as external. You should attempt to determine     what part of the plant was affected first.

5. Determine the distribution and location of diseased plants in the plantation, recent treatments, and other practices. Collect historical information about the plantation (previous occurrence etc.)

6. The images will be examined by the experts and if the disease is identified the control measures will be send to you which you will get on login into your member page

7. If the disease is difficult to be identified from the photograph or the expert needs some more information/clarification the grower will be scheduled for a online chat or phone call which will be informed in the member page.

8. If the disease cannot be identified by examining the photographs the grower can send the diseased plant material through courier or by hand or the expert will visit the plantation as required for the identification of the problem.

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