Rubber Clinic Inaugurated

Rubber Clinic developed by Rubber Research Institute of India was inaugurated by
Shri. Jyotiraditya Scindia (Hon'ble Minister of State for Commerce & Industry)
on 9 th January 2010 at Rubber Research Institute of India , Kottayam

Rubber Clinic (Distance Diagnostic Information System)

The Rubber Clinic, a web-based Distance Diagnostic Information System (DDIS) through digital imaging is a meaningful solution to manage the pests and diseases problems in rubber plantations . Images of the disease symptoms along with the descriptions and remedial measures are uploaded in web-pages, which the end user can compare with the disease problems/symptoms, diagnose the problem then and there itself and adopt the appropriate control strategies which are also included in the web-pages of the Rubber Clinic. The DDIS is a rapid diagnosis and identification system of pests and diseases of rubber. The system enables the grower to diagnose the problem and adopt the control measures round the clock irrespective of the office working hours using the self diagnosis mechanism of the clinic. Turn-around time will be reduced from weeks, days to hours compared to the traditional methods of diagnosis. The researchers will also benefit through the archived DDIS database of the clinic as resources for research programmes. If the grower finds it difficult to diagnose the problem, digital images of the problems could be made by himself with the help of a digital camera or a mobile phone, which may be uploaded to the diagnostic centre - ‘Rubber Clinic’ of RRII along with the descriptions. The ‘plant doctor’ in the ‘clinic’ identifies the problem and recommends the remedial measures immediately and the grower can adopt the same without delay.
The online live chatting between the grower and the expert is an additional feature of the clinic. The clinic will be available to the growers round the clock for self diagnosis but live chatting between the growers and the experts from RRII will be possible between 2 to 3 pm on every working day. The user can upload the images and descriptions and interact with the ‘plant doctor’, clear all his doubts and receive the advice during this time. The user can also log on to the clinic at any time on any day from anywhere for self diagnosis or for fixing an appointment with the expert. The RRII expert’s recommendations will be sent to the user either through email or as SMS to his mobile phone. The Rubber Clinic will periodically organise group chatting on contemporary issues such as disease out breaks etc., which will be advertised in the Rubber Clinic well in advance. In addition to the growers, extension officers of Rubber Board and the RPS’s also could make use of this facility.

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