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Sprayers and Dusters

Owing to the presence of several ravaging diseases of rubber plants in South India which causes considerable economic loss if left untreated, the possession or the availability of suitable plant protection equipments for planters becomes imperative. For nurseries and young plants in the field for one or two years, a pressure retaining knap-sack sprayer and a hand rotary duster will be useful. For larger nurseries and holdings, a motorised knap-sack air-blast sprayer-cum-duster will be much more economical and convenient. For mature plants double action rocker sprayers will be necessary with bamboo extension   lances. The effective coverage of rocker sprayers is only 0.4 hectare per day and hence one sprayer can command only about 15 hectares during one season. The sprayer after use should be cleaned well by pumping clean water through it. After the season's use, before storing, the sprayer may be serviced, lubricating wherever necessary.

For spraying oil-based, copper fungicide mistifier type sprayers are necessary. These are low volume sprayers in which strong air blast atomises fungicide droplets and  blow to the surface to be sprayed. In immature areas, Microflex (Power Mobiles) Sprayer can be used to spray oil based copper oxychloride. This could also be converted to a duster and used for Sulphur dusting.

For spraying and dusting mature plants, a sturdy, powerful but easily portable sprayer-duster, has to be employed. Aspee Turblow tree duster-cum-sprayer and Skoda Microspray Power 400 are suitable for dusting as well as spraying operations. For effective operation and long life, these machines have to be handled carefully and serviced regularly. 
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